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911BlackNitride-Consumer_1200xN-1.png 3

Our first order has arrived! Stun guns can now be sold in Massachusetts! They can only be sold by licensed firearms dealers to holders of a Resident Class A  License to Carry.

Originally, we thought that 21 year old FID holders could buy them as well but we were told otherwise by State officials. We apologize for the error.

We will be featuring the Sabre brand.
Sabre is the market leader of high quality stun guns in the United States.

See the 4 different models below and watch the video


SABRE S-1009 This stun gun brings an impressive 1.25 µC charge —that’s reliable protection when you need it most!

Anti-Grab Bar Technology shocks attacker if they attempt to take the gun from you; contoured grip aids hand alignment making it easy to use and control. When deployed, the electric charge emits an intimidating 95 db zapping sound.


Click on the link below for video about how stun gun effectiveness is measured and tested. It's not about the voltage.



SABRE S-1000SF This tactical and powerful stun gun has an impressive 1.139 uC charge for reliable protection when you need it most!

Safety switch prevents accidental discharge; includes rechargeable battery (cord included)

LED flashlight with high, low and strobe settings helps light your path to safety.


SABRE S-1005 This dual capacitor stun gun has an impressive 1.60 uC charge for reliable protection when you need it most!

120-lumen LED flashlight may help you disorient from a distance, possibly allowing you to escape to safety before needing to use the stun feature

Just released S&W .380 Shield EZ Kit
includes 2 magazines, thumb safety, lock and a FREE security box
For this event you save $20 over our everyday low price on the pistol AND you get the FREE security box valued at $15.  We have 20 packages  in stock.


Buy a Thompson Center T/CR22 from us between now and Saturday and we’ll throw in a bag AND give you a FREE box of Winchester high velocity, copper-plated .22lr ammo!
Image result for tcr22
Your net cost is $249 after the gift card you apply for online
(You pay us $299.95 and get a $50 gift card from Smith & Wesson= $249.95)


• Buy a M&P Shield “Original” for $299.95 or a Shield 2.0 for $349.95
on Friday or Saturday and we’ll install an APEX 5.5 lb. trigger spring kit for only $69.95 while you wait.
Our regular price for the APEX upgrade is $89.95. This Friday and Saturday you will save $20.
You will be pleasantly surprised with how great the trigger feels after the upgrade!

• S&W Bodyguard .380 without the laser: $250 and we’ll throw in a FREE inside-the-waistband holster.

• Any standard production, in-stock and new Smith & Wesson 686 revolver is $686

• Smith & Wesson Model 15-22 .22LR package: The rifle, a free carrying case and Vortex Crossfire red dot optic.

Ammunition Specials
Image result for ww9c winchester
500 rounds of Winchester 9mm 115 grain FMJ
$99.95 includes the brand-new metal ammo can!


Winchester Wildcat .22LR High Velocity Ammunition
$19.99 for a brick of 500 rds
This is $0.04 cents per round


Winchester .22LR in 2,000 round Plano ammo cans
$89.95 for 2000 rounds of high grade, high velocity .22LR ammo
This is about 4 ½ cents per round. 300 cans available at this price.


Winchester .380acp 350 rounds in a new, metal ammo can
$89.99 for 350 rounds.
This is only $0.26 cents per round and you get the nice can!
Only 20 cans came in today


CCI BLAZER BRASS .380 acp 95 grain FMJ ammunition
350 rd Bulk Pack
$92.75 per pack. This is 26 ½ cents per round.

We are getting low on this one.

Federal .22LR 36 grain copper plated ammunition
1600 round Bulk Pack
$68.95 per pack.   This is 4.3 cents per round

For more great ammo prices on 5.56, .223, .40 and more go to:

** Note from Carl: If you can’t make it to the shop on Friday or Saturday, we will extend these offers to you today (Thursday 9/26)

Champion Hearing and Eye Protection Combo Pack
Picture 1 of 1
$14.99 for both items!!

Heckler & Koch VP9 9mm
All black VP9’s are back in stock. Our VP9’s come with 3 ten round magazines, 3 backstraps, 3 sets of grip panels and factory installed night sights. $649.95 credit and $636.95 for cash, check or debit
25 in stock
Note: We have OD models at the same price as black. Midnight Bronze is also available for only $30 more.

We have NRA approved paper targets back in stock again.
B-2   B-3    B-16
B2, B3 and B16 targets are $10 for a pack of 100. Only $0.10 per target.
B24 Targets also come in 100 packs. Price is $23.00 or $0.23 cents per target.


When you log into the "online store" you will be able to look at the complete inventory of an affiliated firearms wholesaler in AZ that stocks most lines of firearms available in the United States. What you see at the Online Store is not what we have in Woburn.  

While you are searching for products to purchase you will come across items that are not legal to sell in MA like new Glocks, Springfield Armory pistols, various Beretta models and others because they are not certified for sale here. You will not be able to order these non-compliant products. You will have access to purchase only items that are legal to sell in MA.  

Give it try and visit our online store Select GUN SEARCH
We just got in a large shipment of the P320X-Five pistols.
Call 781.932.3133 for our price then stop by the shop and check one out.

Call 781.932.3133 for the Best Prices in the USA on Sig Legion SA/DA pistols



Sig Emperor Scorpion 1911 .45acp
Back in stock on 10/2/18
This is quite a gun! Click HERE for complete specs and call us for the price.

 CLOSEOUT: Blackhawk A.R.C. holsters for Shield: $16.99

The new Thompson Center T/CR22 .22LR rifle.  

As an introductory special we are offering the new T/CR22 at $309.95 credit or $299.95 cash, check or debit!
(MSRP is $399.00)
After the $50 rebate in the form of a Smith & Wesson prepaid MasterCard (Click here) this brings the cash, check or debit price down to $249.95

On the first 100 T/CR22’s sold we are including a FREE carrying case.

Check out the specifications and videos then stop by the shop and look at one in person.

To see all the great features of this rifle, click on this link to T/C’s site 

I.W.I. Tavor 5.56mm rifles are in stock.
$1799.95 each credit or $1763.95 each cash, check or debit
We have some excellent Vortex red dot optics that pair up nicely with the Tavors.

Smith & Wesson 15-22 .22LR rifle
Two “packages” available.
Package #1: Get a free carrying case with the purchase of a new 15-22   $329.94
Package #2: Get a case and a Vortex red dot optic for $399.95
Save, Save, Save….

Pay only $0.18 cents per round for 9mm FMJ CCI, Winchester, S&B and Federal ammo



TALO/Ruger LC9s 9mm pistols
We are down to the last of these "Contractor Yellow" TALO Special Edition Ruger 9mm LC9s pistols.
We have about 15 left. Once these are all sold…that’s it!
Each comes with 1 seven round magazine.
$229.95 cash, check or debit
We cannot accept payment by credit card at this price


Sellier & Bellot  Ammunition
Price per box Your Cost per round
S&B .380 FMJ 12.99 $0.26
S&B .45acp FMJ 14.99 $0.30
S&B 9mm 115 gr FMJ 8.99 $0.18
S&B 10mm FMJ 15.31 $0.31
S&B .357 mag 24.99 $0.50
S&P .357 sig 21.99 $0.44
S&B 6.5 Creedmoor 13.57 $0.68

12 gauge Kel-Tec KSG “Package Deal”

You get:

A Vortex Crossfire Red Dot sight (mounted)

A sleeve of Aguila 12 ga. Mini-Slugs
A sleeve of Mini-Buckshot rounds
If bought individually, all these items would sell for a total of $969

Sale price on this package is $859.95. You save over $100!

MA OK Springfield Armory 9mm XD-E
These compact DA/SA 9mm’s recently got on the MA Approved Roster list. They feature the LOW EFFORT SLIDE which makes it noticeably easier to manipulate the slide than some striker fired handguns.
For complete specifications click HERE
Special Summer Price: $399.95


CCI .22LR Standard Velocity Target Ammunition
Only $29.95 per brick of 500 rds. This is $0.06 cents per round for high quality ammo!

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 9mm Full Size Pistol Special

• Low barrel bore axis makes the M&P pistol comfortable to shoot reducing muzzle rise and allowing for faster aim recovery. • Optimal 18-degree grip angle for natural point of aim. • Four interchangeable palmswell grip inserts for optimal hand fi t and trigger reach - S, M, ML, L. • Aggressive grip texture for enhanced control.  • Tactile and audible trigger reset. • Accurate 1 in 10” twist M&P M2.0 barrel.  • Extended rigid embedded stainless steel chassis to reduce flex and torque when firing. • Armornite® durable corrosion resistant finish.
Our regular price: $499.95.   Special Sale Price: $449.95

CCI Blazer BRASS cased 9mm 115 grain FMJ

$8.99 / box of 50 rounds. This is $0.18 cents per round!!




Sig Sauer P238M Sport Pack .380
With the Hogue grips, this is one of the most comfortable .380’s we offer. Included are a flat magazine, a magazine with finger rest, front and rear factory installed night sights, manual safety, a nice carrying case, a lock and a FREE IWB holster   $499.95 ! 
Less than 100 available at this price


Hi-Point Carbine 9mm with an extra magazine special

$219.95 for the rifle + $20 for the magazine = $239.95 for both

Smith & Wesson Victory .22LR pistol is on sale
$299.95 cash, check or debit $309.95 credit
Special price: $299.95 for the Bodyguard with Crimson Trace laser and $249.95 for the model without laser. For a limited time we'll even through in a FREE inside-the-waistband holster

Ask us what our price is on the P229RM 9mm Classic pistols and other SIG pistols

Includes 2 ten round magazines and factory installed night sights.

For Sale Prices on the following Sig pistols please call the price hotline:  781.932.3255
* Sig P226RM Classic 9mm
* Sig P229RM Classic 9mm
* Sig P226 Legion 9mm
*Sig P226 Legion 9mm
* Sig P320C 9mm     $499.95
*Sig P320C .45     $499.95
* Sig P238M .380 Sport Package     $499.95


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Update your Smith & Wesson M&P, S&W SHIELD and
now Springfield Armory XDS with TRUGLO SIGHTS

$99.95 INSTALLED !

Since we ran out so quickly on our first shipment, we are keeping the
Special Introductory Price: $69.95 INSTALLED
This is an excellent quality product at a great price.
Leave your Shield, M&P or XDS with us overnight and we’ll have it ready for you for the next business day.
If the shop is not busy and our installers are here, we might be able to do it while you wait.




Sabre Pepper Spray
We have a large selection of pepper spray products on hand starting at only $9.99
This is a great going back to college gift!
(Please check with local and school laws regarding pepper spray)

The Sig P226 9mm Legions are in stock!

Call 781.932.3133 for our very special sale price

Double rifle carrying case. In either Black or O.D. Green  $79.95


Beretta 9mm CX4 9mm Storm rifle is in stock now
CX4 -8
Bag and a mag Special offer: We bought the remaining inventory that our supplier had.
With the purchase of a new CX4 we will include...FREE...a very nice genunine Beretta CX4 case which they sell online for $70 and a 10 round magazine that we sell for $25

While they last: $698

The Sig P238M .380 Sport Pack 
Quite possibly the most comfortable micro-compact pistol we have.


In stock with 2 magazines, Hogue grips and night sights


Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm

 The "Original" Shield is $299.95 cash, check or debit price. No free ammo or loader on the "original" Shield. This is as low as we can go. We need to make room in our vaults for incoming shipments. We have the NO THUMB SAFETY models left in stock

Once you have completed the State and Federal paperwork and own your new S&W Shield, we can install an APEX trigger kit for only $89.95 + MA tax. This will improve the trigger pull and trigger reset dramatically. We can usually do this while you are at the shop.

The Elite Survival inside-the-waistband holster #6 is our most popular for the Shield and only $22!

The SHIELD 2.0 with or without thumb safety is in stock. $349.95



Volquartsen Scorpion LLV .22LR
Click the image above for technical specifications




BREAKTHROUGH TECHNOLOGIES Ultra-Compact cleaning kit for 9mm/38/380
Not much bigger than a couple of decks of playing cards, these cleaning kits come with cleaning rod sections, various hard bristle nylon brushes, jags, patch holders, and cotton patches. Also included is a durable polymer “T” handle for an easy grip and our mini bottles of Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent and Battle Born High-Purity Oil. $17.99     Full disclosure: The guys at Four Seasons use BREAKTHROUGH products in the back room when working on customers guns. If you don’t need a kit, try some lube or cleaner.

Maverick 88 Pump Action Shotguns are back in stock
12 gauge 18.5” #31023   $179.95 credit  / $169 cash, check or debit

Maverick 88 12GA 20
12 gauge 20” #31046  $179.95 cash, check or debit





.22LR ammunition for less than $0.05 cents per round!

Winchester Wildcat .22LR High Velocity: $21.95 for 500 rounds

Sabre Pepper Spray and Personal Alarm Safety Kit

Product Overview

  • PROTECTION AGAINST MULTIPLE THREATS AT A SAFE DISTANCE: Pepper spray features an impressive 10-foot (3 m) range, a powerful stream delivery to reduce wind blowback
  • AMPLIFIES YOUR CALL FOR HELP120 dB dual siren alarm helps call for assistance in an emergency and helps deter attacker, audible up to 600 feet (185 m) away
    MSRP is $20.  
    Special Four Seasons Introductory price only: $9.99
    Watch the video



Beretta Silver Pigeon I 30” 12 gauge Sporting O/U Shotgun
686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting - 12

686 Silver Pigeon I Sporting - 2
Call for availability and special pricing.
This is by far the best-selling Sporting O/U that we have sold over the past 22 years of having the shop!


Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380

   Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.  
Without laser  $259.95 credit card / $249.95 cash, check or debit.
Crimson Trace laser model $299.95 credit and
$289.95 with cash, check or debit
AND.....for a limited time get a FREE holster

Save time by filling out the federal form before you arrive. This can be done on the day of purchase ONLY.

Don’t forget your PIN. If you don’t have it, all 617-660-4722 today

MA Approved Springfield Armory pistols can be found HERE

1911 Range Officer model Springfield Armory handgun

The best prices on new Sig P229RM and P226RM 9mm pistols in the nation are right here in Woburn. Guaranteed!

Call the Sig Price Hotline for the 781-932-3255

Colt 1911's are in stock. These can be sold under the "TARGET" exemption. Call for today's availability.
More on the way if we run out.


The Vortex Venom is our most popular compact red dot sight
Venom Red Dot

$229.95  For complete specs click on the image above

Crossbreed Mini-Tuck Concealment Holsters
Minituck IWB Concealed Carry Holster with Springfield Xds - Black Cowhide
A very comfortable holster used by many Four Seasons staff members
We have expanded this line to fit more models.
Check them out when you stop by the shop.

Check out for new trades, consignments and collections that have come in recently.


Winchester 9mm 124 grain NATO ammunition in 1,000 rd metal ammo cans
$209.95  This is only $0.21 cents per round

Ask us about our special offer on new Beretta 9mm Model 92FS pistols


 The Ruger MK IV .22LR Target Pistols 
Are in stock and on sale!

Target Model #40159 5.5” bull barrel

$449.95 credit    $439.95 cash, check, debit

Hunter Model #40160 6 7/8" SS fluted barrel

$629.95 credit   $617.35 cash, check or debit


We have in stock the Volquartsen trigger enhancement kits for the MK IV pistols.
Try the one that we installed in one of our guns. $121.00. Install it yourself or we will do it for you for a $30 installation charge. It takes us about 30-45 minutes.

1021 1495723911 vc4ak

The complete drop-in kit comes complete with our CNC Machined Disconnector, Target Hammer, Hammer Bushing, Target Sear, Target Trigger with plunger and spring. It also comes with pretravel and overtravel adjustments.

The Accurizing Kit for the Ruger MK IV will provide a crisp, clean 2.5lb trigger pull. This kit will eliminate the magazine disconnect.


  • Kit fits all variations of the Ruger MK IV (including 22/45)
  • Hammer and Sear are wire EDM Cut from A2 Tool Steel
  • Includes allen wrenches
  • Includes medium strength Loctite
  • Complete installation instructions are available online


Product Number: VC4AK     MSRP $134.00    Four Seasons Introductory Special: $121.00 Add $30 if you want us to install it for you.


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Full size HK VP9's with are made in black, FDE, Olive Drab and gray. Call for availability
 $649.95 credit, 2% less for cash, check or debit for the model with 3 mags and night sights

Federal .22LR Ammunition
Federal Premium Ammunition 22 Long Rifle Range & Field Bulk Packs
$19.95 / box of 275 rds   This comes out to 7.3 cents per round!
Winchester .380 95 grain FMJ Ammo
We now have the 100 rd Value Packs in stock for only $29.99.
Federal American Eagle .38 special 130 grain FMJ
$19.99 / box of 50 rds

Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 6 rd magazine with 2 floorplates
$19.99 for the mag and extra floorplate.
Smith & Wesson 10 round magazine for SD9VE 9mm
$19.99 per magazine. These are brand new genuine S&W mags.

Mace Brand Pepper Spray
 Pink is our most popular color
Blackhawk IWB holster for the S&W Shield
This is a very comfortable “appendix” holster for the S&W Shield!  $16.99 each
Radians most affordable hearing protection...Only $8.95



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CCI #0035 .22LR Standard Velocity Target in 500 round bricks:
$29.95 per brick.

Sabre or MACE Pepper Spray

Piece of mind at the most affordable price!!!

Give it to your loved ones.

No permit required. Must be 18+.




Stack-On Quick Access Security Safes
This is the time of year that we look forward to our summer vacations.
Make sure that your firearms are secured while you are away. 
While you are at home, these safes give you quick access to your handgun if you need it.

Stack-On PS1514 with electronic lock   $59.95  (Reg. $79.95)

Stack-On QAS-1512 with electronic lock: $79.95  (Save $10)

Stack-On PC-1665 with electronic lock: $49.95  (Reg. $59.95)

Click on the model numbers for specifications


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Improve the trigger pull and the reset on your MA S&W Shield 9mm, 40sw or .45 or  with an Apex Duty/Carry trigger kit. $89.95 installed

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Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom. Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.
Shield 1.0 9mm / $299.95 each for a limited time.
No free stuff on the 1.0 at this price.
You get an 8 and a 7 round magazine and a lock.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9MM Magazine with Finger Rest 8 Rd (5-pack)
Very special price: M&P Shield 9mm 8 rd magazine with finger extension
MSRP $37.95    Our Special price: $24.99

S&W SD9VE 10 rd. 9mm magazine
MSRP $37.95   Our Special Price: $19.99

Smith & Wesson Model 15-22 .22LR ten round magazine (Short Version)
MSRP $23.99   Our Special Price: $19.99


When you log into the "online store" you will be able to look at the complete inventory of an affiliated firearms wholesaler in AZ that stocks most lines of firearms available in the United States. What you see at the Online Store is not what we have in Woburn.  

While you are searching for products to purchase you will come across items that are not legal to sell in MA like new Glocks, Springfield Armory pistols, various Beretta models and others because they are not certified for sale here. You will not be able to order these non-compliant products. You will have access to purchase only items that are legal to sell in MA.  

Give it try and visit our online store Select GUN SEARCH

The Beretta 92FS 9mm.
Call 781.932.3133 for special pricing

Sig Sauer P320 Compact 9mm
The MA 320C Compact in 9mm comes with 2 ten round magazines, factory installed night sights and a belt holster.  $499.95

Sig Sauer P229RM 9mm and P226RM 9mm Nitron
Each comes with 2 ten round magazines and factory installed night sights.

The best price in years!


S&W 15-22 .22LR Rifle

Ask us about our S&W 15-22 Packages

Ruger SR22 3.5” .22LR

All black model: $299.95 credit card /  Take 2% off for payment by cash, check or debit
Other colors are available at $329.95


Image result for fnx 45 tactical
Call 781.932.3133 for availaibility


FN FNX-45 Tactical .45acp with 3 ten round mags and night sights

$999.95    Vortex red dot available for the FNX at $229.95

For technical specifications click:


Where did the Beretta, Ruger, Springfield Armory, Mossberg, Savage and Henry rifles go to? Well...they are where they are supposed to be, on the New Long Guns page.
  5” SS .45 PC1911  #170343

 We have a few left at the very special price of  $1295
Check out how these 1911's are made at the Performance Center



Don’t forget your PIN. If you don’t have it, all 617-660-4722 today.

To Pre-Register and reduce waiting time at the shop, go to


Federal Premium® Gold Medal® Rimfire rounds are built with precision bullets and ultra-tight tolerances that ensure peak performance and consistency for the highest levels of competitive shooting. $49.95 per brick of 500 rds


HK 45C compact and the Full Size HK45
3 mags and nights sights. Call for availability and dramatically reduced price for 2018


  • Check out New England Firearms Academy at and click on COURSES for more information on the required MA safety course and the UTAH permit class that allows you to carry in 30+ states


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Click here to subscribe to our new mailing list.

If we don't have it in stock we can generally order it for you.



Have you visited our "Online Store"?

Ruger LCR .38 special 5 shot Revolver 

Tamer grip    Barrel Length1.87"     Weight13.5 oz. +P rated


 Contact him at or visit his web site at to schedule an appointment.


Smith & Wesson Model 686 .357/.38 Stainless Steel Revolver
Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.

$686 for a 686. They are made in 2.5", 3", 4" and 6"
If we don't have the length you want we can usually order it.

Where did all the ammo deals go to? We are trying to get the site more organized for you and put them where they belong, on the AMMO PAGE.

Smith & Wesson 1911 .45 E Series in Stainless Steel

Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.
This is a beautifully made 1911 and a great value at $799.95  TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
call for availability

Each pistol comes with 2 eight round magazines.
 SW #108482
Sig Sauer SP2022M 9mm with night sights
This is a mid-size lightweight polymer framed 9mm pistol with 2 ten round magazines and factory installed night sights.
Out of stock. Consider the Sig P320C instead
For complete in-depth details on the Model 320 go to:

Smith & Wesson SD9VE 9mm

Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.


For the most recent information regarding the MA AG's 7/20/16 "Enforcement Notice"  go to the G.O.A.L. site at   

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For a complete listing of our Springfield Armory M1A "Loaded", SOCOM and Scout .308 inventory click HERE

PLEASE NOTE: We can no longer sell or transfer AR platform or AK style rifles or receivers in MA due to the recent ruling by the MA Attorney General's office.

If you see any of these rifles advertised on our site please call me and I will remove any listings for these rifles that I may have missed. Carl


To Pre-Register and reduce waiting time at the shop, go to


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Have you ever been Delayed or Denied by the FBI NICS program?
Click HERE





 Bring your State PIN with you. If you do not have one call 617-660-4722 before coming to the shop.

We cannot sell you a firearm if you do not have a PIN.

If you love pets, check out the 3 Friends of Holly pages 

We are very "pet friendly" at the shop. Feel free to bring your dog with you when you visit the shop.

If we don't have it at the  Woburn store, you may be

able to get it through our online store.


When you bring in your trades, consignments or repair guns to the shop, we ask that you make sure they are unloaded, the bolts are removed from bolt action rifles, magazines removed from semi-auto pistols , shotguns and rifles and the slides and cylinders are OPEN.

If you must unholster your carry gun or other loaded firearm, please let us know FIRST and we will take you to the designated area for unloading.

   When handling firearms in our shop, make sure to keep all muzzles pointed in a safe direction at all times.

Thank you for helping us keep Four Seasons, our customers and staff safe.


Are you looking for an owner's manual or instruction booklet for a new or old firearm?

Try this site:


You Must Have a State PIN in order to buy a firearm in MA!

Effective Tuesday July 23, 2013 we will no longer be able verify your permit number with your fingerprint when completing the State Form FA-10.
The ONLY way we will be able to complete your transaction is with your State provided Personal Identification Number (PIN).
If you did not receive a PIN or can�t find it, call the Firearms Records Bureau at 617-660-4722  Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm.
Please put your PIN in your phone under Four Seasons so that you can access it when you come in.
Again, we will not be able to complete your purchase unless you have a State PIN starting on Tuesday 7/23/13.

This is a statewide change involving all MA dealers per the Firearms Records Bureau.

Thank you. Carl


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Click HERE to see where all that raffle money from the 2015 Tax Free Saturday went to.

Are you having a firearm
transferred in through us? Please read our Transfer FAQ section

Note from Carl: Our inventory changes very quickly these days. We try to update the site during the day but we may miss something. Please call the store to check stock at 781.932.3133 before making the long trip.



We will continue to include these very special gifts with the purchase of an in-stock M&P Shield 9mm for a while longer:

Purchase a 2.0 M&P 9mm Shield from us and we will include at No Extra Charge (FREE) a box of Hornady 9mm Critical Defense hollow point protection ammunition ($27 value) or a Caldwell Universal pistol loader ($37 value).
$64 dollars’ worth of great products in addition to our great prices
Click on the links above and watch the Caldwell video. It’s a very clever and useful device.
M&P Shield 2.0 NTS is shown above. Also available with thumb safety. $369.95 cash, check or debit
Original M&P Shield is $299.95  No free goods at the $299.95 price

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