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This page was  updated 5/26/16

Arriving 5/26/16 afternoon. Very rare Flat Dark Earth (FDE) model of the HK VP9 with 3 mags and night sights. The extra mag alone is valued at $50 and the night sights are about $150 if you buy them separately. This is a great value!
Same price as the all black model which is also arriving 5/26/16.
$669.95 credit / $656.55

Four Seasons Summer Carry Special
Buy either of the two S&W M&P Bodyguard .380 pistols below and as a bonus you will receive: 

-          A box of 25 rds of Hornady Critical Defense Hollow Point ammunition (Value $25)

-          An Outers cleaning kit (Value $14)

-          A pack of high visibility targets (Value $3)


Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.         Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.
Without laser: $299.95 credit  $289.95 cash, check or debit
    With Crimson Trace Laser $369.95/$359.95
Both Bodyguards come with 2 magazines, pouch and MA approved lock. Check out the Elite Survival Inside-The-Waistband and pocket holsters that we have in stock for maximum concealment.
(This is offer is valid for a limited time)

Magtech .40sw $12.99 / box of 50 rds
Magtech .45 acp  $14.95/box of 50 rds


 Ruger 1911 .45 acp in 4.25" or 5"
All stainless steel. Come with 2 magazines and a lock.
$659.95 credit   $646.39 cash, check or debit. Save almost $50.
Best price this year. 18 available at this price


CCI or Federal American Eagle 9mm 115 gr. FMJ
Your choice: $10.69 / box of 50 rds!  (Only about $0.21 cents per round)

 CCI .38 special 158 gr. RNL
$14.99 / box of 50 rds. ( $0.30 cents per round)  This is the best price in the nation for this round.
Brand new. Factory fresh. Arrived at our warehouse 5/19/16 at 9am. 1000 boxes available at this price.


Anderson Lower Receivers and Parts Kits are back in stock
AR parts Kit: $59.95
Stripped Lower Receiver: $59.95
Combo price: $99.95
Save almost $20 by buying both at the same time


**Sorry, no rain checks on any items offered here if we run out. Shop early.**


Smith & Wesson SD9VE 9mm
$299.95 credit  $289.95 cash, check or debit
Includes 2 ten round magazines and a lock.



Smith & Wesson M360J .38spl+P with Scandium frame.

This is a non-catalogued, special run and limited production revolver that weighs only 13.3 oz. It is priced similarly to the alloy frame models that weigh more. The 360J includes a more comfortable grip and low profile barrel. We were able to get only a very small quantity. This could be destined to be somewhat of a collector's item. You never know for sure. 

When these are gone...that's it.  $399.95 credit or save an additional $10 and when you pay $389.95 with a check, debit card or cash.

MODEL:360     ACTION:Double / Single Action   FINISH:Matte Black  FRAME: Scandium Alloy
GRIPS: Full size
Rubber   WEIGHT:13.3 oz.  CALIBER/GAUGE:38 Special+P   CAPACITY:5

BARREL:1 7/8"  OVERALL LENGTH:6-3/8"    SIGHTS:Fixed


Out of stock again. More on order.


Brand New Aluminum 10 rd magazines with anti-tilt followers for AR rifles
Made by ASC in New Britain, CT

350 rounds of Remington 9mm 115 grain FMJ in a Range Bucket

IN STOCK NOW! $87.50 per bucket

$599.95 credit or $588.95 cash, check or debit



Less than 30 in stock......"THE LAST OF THE LAST PRE-BAN POLISH MAGS"

To Pre-Register and reduce waiting time at the shop, go to

Ruger LC9s 9mm compact striker fired 9mm pistols are back in stock! $399.95 credit ($389.95 cash, check or debit)  with 2 magazines.
You get a 7 rd and a 9 rd mag for this price.
The model we have has a manual external safety.

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Sig P226RM 9mm with night sights is back in stock.

Call 781.932.3133 for price on MA compliant model.
Includes factory installed night sights and 2 ten round magazines.

Back in stock!




                          Call for availability on the 686's. They come and go very quickly.



Are you having difficulty focusing on your sights and the target?  
Dr. Stewart Ginsberg who is our eye doctor, an avid shooter, a FS customer and a friend, can help you with this. Contact him at or visit his web site at to schedule an appointment. Offices are located inside Lenscrafters in Burlington and Natick.




Pepper sprays can now be purchased without a gun license or pepper permit. You must be 18 or older.

Anderson AR lowers are out of stock. We are trying to get more ASAP.
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We do have some parts kits at $59.95


Smith & Wesson 640 Pro Series

Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.
This 5 shot .38/.357 Pro Series compact revolver has a tuned action, fluted barrel, Hogue grips and factory installed night sights. Cylinder cut for moon clips. One of the most comfortable concealed carry guns we sell. Stop by and handle one.
$713.95 credit  $699.95 cash, check or debit 
(20 available at this price)



We are very happy to announce the 13th Annual Massachusetts Rifle Association’s LADIES DAY event. Click HERE for complete details and to sign up. Availability is limited.

Blackhawk Pepper Spray
Runner’s Model with strap: $8.99  We have many other colors and sizes to choose from as well.
Must be 18 years of age to purchase


Genuine Beretta 9mm 10 rd Magazines
Brand new OEM. Directly from Beretta USA. $19.95 each
(No, we do not have any pre-ban Beretta 92 mags)

Champion Electronic Hearing Protection
Champion Target Ear Muffs - Electronic
Incredibly priced at $19.99!  (AAA batteries not included)

Ammunition Price Reductions

Corbon 9mm+P 115 grain Hollow point ammo. Was $28 Now $19.99 / box of 20

American Eagle .40sw 165 grain or 180 grain FMJ: $13.99 / box of 50 This is below wholesale replacement cost. We are overstocked.

CCI Blazer .45 acp 230 grain FMJ $14.95 / box of 50 (Aluminum Cased)

PMC .223 55 grain FMJ $6.99 / box of 20 rds. Only .35 cents per round.

        Smith Wesson 1911 performance center pc

Temporarily out of the PC1911's. More on the way.


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                    We ran out of VP9's. More on order. No ETA


Walther PPS 9mm pistols are out of stock probably until 2017. We have a few PPS .40's available.



In Stock as of 4/27/16 :Beretta Silver Pigeon I 12 ga Sporting shotguns !
Call 781.932.3133 for price


Have you ever been Delayed or Denied by the FBI NICS program?
Click HERE





$59.95 on the Winchester .40sw 200-rd packs!
$29.95 for the .40sw 100-rd packs.

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          A.R.C. holsters for Shield and LC9s are back in stock!


If we don't have it at the  Woburn store, you may be
able to get it through our online store.









Bring your State PIN with you. If you do not have one call 617-660-4722 before coming to the shop.

We cannot sell you a firearm if you do not have a PIN.

If you love pets, check out the 3 Friends of Holly pages 

Improve the trigger pull of your S&W M&P or Shield with an APEX Carry/Duty trigger kit.

$99.95 installed.


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The Beretta 92FS 9mm.
Call 781.932.3133 for special pricing


The S&W 9mm is in stock. 

Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.
Call 781.932.3133 for excellent pricing.

Call for Special Pricing on Individual Police Officer Shield.




If we don't have it at the  Woburn store, you may be

able to get it through our online store.


You Must Have a State PIN in order to buy a firearm in MA!

Effective Tuesday July 23, 2013 we will no longer be able verify your permit number with your fingerprint when completing the State Form FA-10.
The ONLY way we will be able to complete your transaction is with your State provided Personal Identification Number (PIN).
If you did not receive a PIN or can�t find it, call the Firearms Records Bureau at 617-660-4722  Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm.
Please put your PIN in your phone under Four Seasons so that you can access it when you come in.
Again, we will not be able to complete your purchase unless you have a State PIN starting on Tuesday 7/23/13.

This is a statewide change involving all MA dealers per the Firearms Records Bureau.

Thank you. Carl


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Note from Carl: Our inventory changes very quickly these days. We try to update the site during the day but we may miss something. Please call the store to check stock at 781.932.3133 before making the long trip.


We are frequently asked "What are the MA laws regarding transporting a firearm in a vehicle?"

Go to G.O.A.L.'s page for an explanation.  



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