In Memory of Bob Wright

On February 20th we lost our dear friend and co-worker Bob Wright to cancer.

Bob first started working at the shop when the Fishlin family started it in 1992. Since then he came to work every morning ready to fix things. The more challenging the problem, the more Bob would welcome it and he wouldn't leave until he fixed it. If you ever had a scope mounted and bore-sighted, had your gun repaired by us, had your pistol put back together after you took it apart or needed to be taught how to put a Ruger MKIII together over the past 20 years...there is a 99% chance that it was Bob who cheerfully assisted you.

No one at the store will ever have a better attendance record than he did.  He loved coming to work and nothing stopped him from being there. No matter how bad the weather or the physical ailment, he was always there waiting in the parking lot at 8:45.  He was never in a bad mood and never an ill word was spoken. He had a great sense of humor and was always positive...right up until the end. Even last week when I spent time with him, he said that he was planning a trip to the shop to be with us and mount some scopes on 10/22's. He told me that he loved working and being at the shop and it kept him going mentally and physically.

For most of her life, Bob and "Holly" were best buddies. Bob and Bella were getting close but he and Holly had a very special friendship. You could always see them together  taking walks outside or hanging out together in Bob's work area as Holly watched him work.

There is a big void at the shop not seeing Bob every morning.

From all your friends and customers....We all miss you very much Bob.