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This page was last edited on: 10/20/2012

 Below are the views, comments and wisdom of  Albie Walton aka "Dear Albie". You may contact him at: dearalbie@rcn.com

On a personal note,  our longtime friend Albie has relocated to PA. I know that everyone at  Four Seasons and your many friends in the Massachusetts shooting sports  community will miss you. 

We look forward to staying in touch with you as well as seeing you during your future visits back to this area. Carl and the entire staff at Four Seasons.

MIT Pistol Team Upends Navy For National Title

Engineers Earn Eight All-America Honors

March 21, 2005

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - The MIT pistol team claimed its first national title since 1974 by upsetting the U.S. Naval Academy at the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championship. The Engineers edged out the nationally-ranked No. 1 Midshipmen by four points, preventing them from earning their fifth consecutive crown. MIT captured its fourth crown in the program's history, with previous victories occurring in 1971 and 1972.

Will Hart, the well-known MIT Pistol Coach, said he told his team not to worry about keeping score, “Don’t worry about your score, just make each shot count.” And they did, by just four points!

As a team, Tech placed first in air pistol and free pistol, and sixth in standard pistol. On the women's side, MIT finished second in air and third in sport.

David Schannon, hometown - San Diego, CA won the Men's Grand Aggregate Award while Diana Nee, hometown - Arcadia, CA, totaled the second-highest women's grand aggregate.

The Engineers collected eight All-America accolades, the most in the program's history. Schannon was a First-Team selection in both the free and air events. Michael Horvath was named to the First Team for air pistol and the Second Team in free. Walter Lin received Second-Team selections for standard and air. Diana Nee was tabbed for the Second Team in sport and was an Honorable Mention in air pistol.

MEET THE CHAMPIONS!   M.I.T. Pistol Team 2004-05 Roster

Coach - Will Hart

Team Member College Year Home Town/Former School



Adam Chao Senior Huntington Beach, CA/
Ocean View
Brandon Chao Senior Huntington Beach, CA/
Ocean View
Eddie Huo Freshman Cambridge, MA/Cambridge Rindge & Latin School
Andrew Hurwich Fr. Freshman Upper Montclair, NJ
Samuel Hwang Senior Snellville, GA/
South Gwinnett
Ted Kang Freshman Burbank, CA/Burbank
Daipan Lee Sophmore Somerville, MA/Somerville
Walter Lin Jr. Junior Livonia, MI/Churchill
Jonathan Rhodes Jr. Junior Victoria, CANADA/
Brentwood College School
David Schannon Senior San Diego, CA/
La Jolla County Day
Matthew Tanwanteng Junior Pine Brook, NJ/
Montville Township
Paul Yang Freshman Fairfax, VA/
Thomas Jefferson


Tara Chang Freshman Santa Monica, CA/
Marlborough School
YunJa Chen Sophmore Mililani, Hawaii/
Punahon Academy
Linda Fang Sophmore San Jose, CA/Leland
Sarah Lee Sophmore Shoreline, WA/
The Hotchkiss School
Christine Nee Sophmore Newport Coast, CA/University
Diana Nee Sophmore Arcadia, CA/Arcadia
Tiffany Seto Junior Saratoga, CA/Saratoga
Bonnie Shum Freshman Aventura, FL/Stranahan
Sondra Suazo Sophmore San Mateo, CA/Hillsdate
Joey Wong Sophmore Arcadia, CA/Arcadia
Angela Wu Freshman Northridge, CA/
North Hollywood
Chin-Chin Yao Sophmore Amherst, MA/
Amherst Regional
Grace Yeung Sophmore East Brunswick, NJ/
East Brunswick

The Federal A.W. Ban sunset on September 13, 2004. HOWEVER, Massachusetts wrote new laws (Chapter 150 which replaces the federal ban. See Albie's discussion on this below.

(The following does not apply to Massachusetts. New laws in MA prohibit the sale, transfer and possession of these rifles. We can sell what we have been since Sept. 1994. Also, new high capacity magazines are not available for sale or possession in Massachusetts, Hawaii, New York and California.)

September 13, 2004
U.S. Department of Justice
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms and Explosives

, DC 20226




As of September 13, 2004, the provisions of Public Law 103-322, the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, covering semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices are no longer in effect. The regulations implementing these provisions also are no longer in effect.

Specifically, there is no longer a Federal prohibition on the manufacture, transfer, and possession of semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices. 

There are no longer any marking requirements for semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices. Existing markings on firearms and magazines relating to law enforcement or government use may be disregarded. 

There is no longer any Federal requirement for Federal firearms licensees to obtain certain documentation before transferring semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices to government agencies or law enforcement officers. However, any records obtained prior to September 13, 1994, pertaining to the sale or transfer of semiautomatic assault weapons must still be retained for a period of 5 years. See 27 CFR § 478.129(f). Moreover, records of importation and manufacture must be maintained permanently and licensees must maintain all other acquisition and disposition records for 20 years. 

Licensees who provided letters of future intent to sell semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices to law enforcement agencies and other qualified customers are no longer obligated to comply with such letters. 

Anyone who illegally possessed, manufactured, or transferred semiautomatic assault weapons or large capacity ammunition feeding devices before the bans sunset still have violated the law since their possession, manufacture, or transfer was illegal at the time.


The prohibition on the importation of non-sporting firearms under 18 U.S.C. section 922(l) and 925(d)(3) still applies. 

Importation of large capacity ammunition feeding devices still is covered under the Arms Export Control Act. Therefore an approved permit still is required to import large capacity magazines. 

Temporary importation of semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity magazines is now lawful under the provisions of 27 CFR § 478.115(d) because temporary importations are not subject to the sporting purpose test. 

Any importer who has a valid approved Form 6 import permit with a restriction related to the assault weapon ban should comply with the restriction because the weapons most likely are non-sporting. 

Any importer who has a valid approved Form 6 import permit with a restriction related to large capacity ammunition feeding devices may disregard the restriction. Importers may apply for a new permit if they prefer. 


The prohibition on assembly of non-sporting shotguns and semiautomatic rifles from imported parts as provided under 18 U.S.C. § 922(r) and 27 CFR § 478.39 still applies.


Law enforcement officers and police departments who obtained semiautomatic assault weapons are no longer required to use such firearms only for official use. 

Law enforcement officers and police departments may now sell or transfer semiautomatic assault weapons to persons who are not prohibited from receiving firearms. 

Law enforcement officers and police departments may now sell or transfer large capacity ammunition feeding devices to anybody. 

Signed statements that semiautomatic assault weapons and large capacity ammunition feeding devices will be used for official use are no longer required to be provided to Federal firearms licensees. 


Federal law does not prohibit retiring law enforcement officers from keeping semiautomatic assault weapons or large capacity ammunition feeding devices. 

Former law enforcement officers who received semiautomatic assault weapons on retirement may now transfer those firearms to persons who are not prohibited from receiving firearms. Transfer of large capacity ammunition feeding devices is no longer restricted. 


All provisions of the National Firearms Act relating to registration and transfer of machineguns, short barreled rifles, weapons made from rifles, short barreled shotguns, weapons made from shotguns, any other weapons as defined in Title 26 U.S.C. section 5845(e), silencers, and destructive devices still apply. 

Registered silencers can now be attached to semiautomatic rifles and pistols without creating a prohibited semiautomatic assault weapon.

 USAS-12 and Striker12/Streetsweeper shotguns are still classified as destructive devices under ATF Rulings 94-1 and 94-2 and must be possessed and transferred in accordance with the NFA. 


Expiration of the Federal law will not change any provisions of State law or local ordinances. Questions concerning State assault weapons restrictions should be referred to State and local authorities. 



Lesson Number One:
A crow was sitting on a tree, doing nothing all day. A small rabbit saw the crow, and asked him, "Can I also sit like you and do nothing all day long?" The crow answered: "Sure, why not."
So, the rabbit sat on the ground below the crow, and rested. All of a sudden, a fox appeared, jumped on the rabbit and ate it.
Management Lesson?
To be sitting and doing nothing, you must be sitting very, very high up.
 Lesson Number Two:
A turkey was chatting with a bull. "I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree," sighed the turkey, "but I haven't got the energy."

"Well, why don't you nibble on some of my droppings?" replied the bull. "They're packed with nutrients." The turkey pecked at a lump of dung and found that it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree.

The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch.

Finally after a fourth night, there he was proudly perched at the top of the tree.

Soon he was spotted by a farmer, who shot the turkey out of the tree.
Management Lesson?
B. S. might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there.
Lesson Number Three:
A little bird was flying south for the winter. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground in a large field. While it was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on it. As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, it began to realize how warm it was. The dung was actually thawing him out! He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him.
Management Lesson?
1) Not everyone who craps on you is your enemy.
2) Not everyone who gets you out of crap is your friend.
3) And when you're in deep do do, it's best to keep your mouth shut!


Meeting Notes
Gun Owners Anonymous, Inc.

Massachusetts Chapter (#410)

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.

Roll call: Jay, Ralph, Pierre, Arnie, Roger, Armond, Lou, Terry and Harvey.

President (Jay): Good evening. My name is Jay.

Members: Hello, Jay.

Jay: I have not purchased a firearm in three weeks.


Harvey: Hold on Jay, you were at Four Seasons last Tuesday. Admit it! 

Jay: For God sakes, Harvey, I was only looking. 

Harvey: Then what was in the white plastic bag you were carrying out?

Jay: You little fink. What the hell were YOU doing in the parking lot? Did your car just happen to have a flat tire?

Harvey: I didn’t even get out of the car. I was there just to look. You know. Every Tuesday is the day when UPS delivers the ammunition. It takes them about an hour to carry it in.

Armond: Harvey, you little pervert. You were stalking the ammunition delivery? That’s disgusting.

Harvey:  But it was so beautiful. There was piles of ammunition. God, the crates were kaki colored. There was ammo for pistol and rifle.

Lou: Harvey, you didn’t, did you? Tell me you didn’t.

Roger: Harvey, were you dressed in your camo clothes?

Harvey: Well yes, I was, but . . .

Armond: Harvey, were you dressed “all the way” in camo?

Harvey: What’s wrong with that? Sylvia gave me camo underwear for my birthday? 

Terry: You know the rules, Harvey. No total camo, unless you go hunting and are at least 4 miles from a gun store.

Harvey: But there was so much ammunition. My God, the sales staff got to touch all the crates. They got to touch and lift the ammo cases into a two wheeler for an hour. It was beautiful. And then... And then... (sobbing) a second UPS truck pulled up. 

Terry: My God, I don’t want to listen to this. He’s going to pollute this meeting. I’m leaving!

Jay: Tell us what happened, Harvey.

Harvey: (still sobbing) When the second UPS truck pulled up, the driver got out and, . . .and he started carrying in a gun shipment. He was touching all those big boxes from Smith & Wesson and Winchester and Sig Sauer. Oh God, there were Rugers and Mossbergs, too.

Jay: Harvey, tell me you stayed in your car. Didn’t you? Tell me you STAYED in your car.

Armond: Mon Dieu! Harvey, did you leave your car?

Harvey: I tried not to. My God, my hand just opened the door and some force made my feet move and before I could stop myself, I was next to the UPS truck.

Arnie: I’m leaving. This guy is really sick. He’s going to pull all of us down. 

Harvey: But, Arnie, the firearm boxes were so beautiful and there were so many of them left in the USP truck. There must have been 12 more boxes. 

Roger: Everyone calm down. Harvey, no one is going to be nasty to you. Tell us what you did.

Harvey: I had my camera with me.

Jay: Oh my God. He took pictures of all the firearms shipment boxes.

Ralph: Harvey, you little pervert. Don’t give me that crap. You took pictures of them carrying IN the ammo AND then the firearm boxes, didn’t you? The next day you probably went to COSTCO and had a double set of 4” x 6” color prints made, didn’t you? Didn’t you? 

Harvey: (still sobbing) Yes. Yes. I did. I also went into the gun store. Oh my God, how can I say this? I’m so ashamed. I flipped out my LTC and I fondled a new S&W 1911.

Ralph: You’re trying to con us with all this crap, you little weasel! You didn’t stop at fondling did you? Did you, Harvey? What did you DO? ADMIT IT!

Harvey: (still sobbing) Ok, ok, I’ve tried to mislead all of you. I was trying to hide the fact that I put down (sobbing) a deposit on the new S&W 1911. Oh my God, I couldn’t help myself. I got so excited when I saw the ammo being delivered, and then the guns being delivered. It was like a magnet. As soon as I entered the store, I felt good all over - like I was entering Heaven and St. Peter was wearing a Glock in a shoulder holster. Every time I saw someone’s face, it was like an invitation telling me to “buy.” And then there was the sales staff. They didn’t treat me like you do, or my wife, or TV news. They said those seductive words to me, “May I help you?” (Harvey fell to the floor.) I made the final payment today. I… I bought it! I am so sorry. It’s locked up in a small gun safe in my car. 

NOTE: At this point, the secretary stopped taking notes of the meeting. However, it was confirmed that Harvey was admitted to the Newton-Wellesley Hospital Emergency Ward at approximately 2:30 a.m. the next day. Evidently, he was trampled by the other G.A. members as they rushed to his car. In his painful condition, he was then taken to a New Hampshire commercial firing range as each G.A. member took turns shooting Harvey’s new S&W 1911. After the event, he was dropped off at the Hospital.

A Mother’s Day Story

 Dear Albie,

I got the Mother’s Day present, just as you suggested. I went to the store and got my wife the $4,500.00 ring and necklace set for her special day. Albie, it was so wonderful to see tears of joy rolling down Marcie’s checks. Even our oldest teenage daughter, Mindy, whispered to her brother, “Gee, maybe Dad’s not such a gun jerk after all. Look what he bought for Mom.” 

As soon as Marcie regained her composure, she asked me how much I paid for the ring and the necklace set. I produced the receipt for $4,500.00 from Beretta Brothers Jewelers, 46-R Winn Street, Woburn, MA. 

“Oh, Sam, they are so beautiful, but they cost a fortune! You will have to take them back on Monday. I love them, Dear, but we need this money for Mindy’s college fund. Sweetheart, how did you get the money to buy these? I have to know.” 

“Well, Marcie, you know how much you dislike my firearms. I went up to the that friendly gun store off of Route 128 and took all my guns with me and . . .” 

“Oh my God! Sam! You sold ALL your guns for ME!” Tears poured from her eyes. “Kids! Kids! Sam sold all his guns to buy me this beautiful ring and necklace!” 

We all cried and we hugged. Mindy said, “Oh, Dad, I love you so much!” After all the emotion calmed down, Marcie made me promise to take back the jewelry, get a refund and put the money in Mindy’s college fund account. 

“And Sam, I think you should have at least one gun. You love shooting so much. I want you to buy yourself one. God, Sam, I love you.”

 Albie, it worked just like you said it would. I went back to the gun store. I gave them back the owner’s wife’s ring and necklace and got my guns back. I’m sorry I was a little late, I know that Ralph Turlington was waiting to take the “ring and necklace loaner” out for his wife’s birthday. 

Thanks for the great price on the new S&W 1911. Love it! And Albie, make sure and tell Ralph to let everyone hug him for the full 60 seconds. See you on the range. (And thanks for the secret phone number for the Dear Albie advice column.)

Dear Albie, 

Your have gone way too far. I am furious! You are a home wrecker with this horrible advice column! 

Evidently, you gave advice to my husband, Horace. I didn’t read your “answer” in the column, but I KNOW that there is a secret phone number given out to people truly addicted to buying more and more guns. You and Horace must have talked! 

He has our three children PANHANDLING in Harvard Square near the “T” stop on Saturdays to build up his “gun fund.” Little Sarah is only 5 years old, for God sakes! A car almost hit her last Saturday. Stuart and Ross think it’s “cool” to wear their sandwich signs with that stupid message, “Please help our Dad. God bless you!” How dare you do this to my children!


Furious and Dismayed

Dear Furious and Dismayed, 

Horace has shown poor judgement in what he has done. As you know from reading this column, I believe in the sacred institution of marriage and the ideal of safe parenting. Having your children panhandle in Harvard Square clearly demonstrates poor judgement on his part. Everyone knows that people drive way too fast in the Square, but more telling, Cambridge is far too liberal with regard to the Shooting Sports. No matter how hard your kids work, they will never collect much money. I suggest moving them to the intersection of Park and Massachusetts Avenues in Arlington. It is a much more conservative town; drivers are better behaved, and please, tell Little Sarah to “Be more alert.”

Dear Albie: 

I am in need of spiritual help. I am on the "gun a week program." I have spent all of my secret cash. I NEED to buy three more firearms and I am sure that my thirst will be quenched forever? Just three more, Padre. Just three more. Help me, Padre! Help me!

Signed: (Larry) THREE MORE.


Dear Three More: 

Larry, my friend, is a dire spiritual situation. I know your kind. The next letter will surely be signed, "Four More" and the next "Five More." You have to get a hold of yourself. Think about how this will affect your relationship with your spouse. Do you have children, too? There is a choice here. You are at a fork in the road of life. You could join Gun Owners Anonymous and get help for this terrible addiction. However, there is another path. You could go to the Four Seasons gun store and charge everything, buying several dozen guns, ammunition, magazines and accessories. Do this over a period of one month, only, and charge everything to your credit card. When your spouse discovers all the charges on the credit, break down, and claim the charges were made at the Four Seasons Hotel, in Boston. Admit to a brief affair, now over, for it is much easier to receive forgiveness for a brief affair than for excessive gun purchases. Say 5 Hail Brownings and 5 Hail Sigs and go in peace.


Dear Albie: 

I am about to purchase a used, mint Colt Python with an 8" barrel for $1,200.00. My spouse knows I am buying the revolver and we have agreed that I will not spend more than $600.00. How do I buy the gun and not get into an argument with my spouse who also has a Mass license and likes to shoot?


 Dear Worried, But In Love: 

You did state that this is YOUR SPOUSE didn’t you? Do you not remember your wedding vows? Shape up! Remember the part about "love, honor and obeying till death us do part." Do the right thing! You are in a sacred trust and remember that marriage is a 50-50 relationship. Do not forget that your spouse owns 50% of the Colt Python as community property. That also means, of course, that your part of the Python purchase price is only $600.00. By spending only $600.00, you have morally and spiritually fulfilled your wedding obligations. All you have to do now is "borrow" your spouse’s credit card and pay for your spouse’s 50% obligation of the community property.

The new Massachusetts Firearm Review Board

- How to apply for a hearing. 

I was talking with firearms attorney Darius Arbabi and the subject
of the Massachusetts Firearms Review Board came up. The new
firearms reform bill (see below for more details) created a
Firearms Licensing Review Board.

Applicants disqualified by a misdemeanor record, from
obtaining a License To Carry Firearms or a Firearms
Identification Card, may file a petition for review of eligibility with
the board, (5) years after conviction, adjudication, commitment,
probation or parole.


After the Firearms Licensing Review Board is formed, info and
application forms will be available from the Firearms Record
Bureau on the web on or before September 28, 2004 at


 Revisions to Gun Control Act 

Chapter 150 of the Acts of 2004 was recently signed into law by Governor Mitt Romney, and will take effect on September 28, 2004. Some of the changes as a result of this legislation include:

          Expansion of the expiration of FID cards and LTC from
4 to 6 years. 

           Instructs the Executive Director of the Criminal History
Systems Board to make the Firearms Identification Card and the
License To Carry a Firearm the same size as a Massachusetts
driver's license;

           In the case where an officer is confiscating the guns of
a person with an expired license, requires the officer to provide
a written inventory and receipt for all guns.

           Provision for a grace period of 90 days following the
written expiration of a license, which may protect a holder from
certain civil or criminal penalties;

            Exemption of the LTC renewal fee for active law
enforcement officers;

            Establishment of a firearms License Review Board
within the Criminal History Systems Board which will be
responsible for reviewing applications for suitability to possess
firearms for individuals having been convicted of certain
misdemeanor offenses which otherwise is a disqualifier under
the current law. 

With regard to the Firearms License Review Board, the Criminal
History Systems Board and the Executive Office of Public Safety
is working to develop the process by which an individual may
apply for such a review. As information and applications become available, they will be posted on the web site on or before
September 28, 2004.


Mag-na-port®  -  A Cure for the Flinch!

I have always felt that there are at least 4 important areas where hand gunners should invest extra money on their shooting. Make the investment (1) into a really excellent holster, (2) additional training with a good teacher, (3) make sure you have the best grips possible on your gun, and finally, (4) find a way to control the recoil on every shot. 

Newton’s third law states that “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Recoil is the reaction that occurs when the bullet and gases escape forward as the gun is fired. Porting, the cutting of holes in the barrel, lets some of the gas escape upwards, with the resulting “reaction” pushing down against the top of the barrel, lessening the upward barrel flip. 

Mag-na-port has been in business for 30 years and they have virtually written the book on porting, developing it into a science. They use their own patented Electrical Discharge Machining process (EDM) producing a spark that wears away the barrel’s metal. EDM produces precise, clean, burr-free trapezoidal port cuts. Cornell University did a series of lab tests on the Mag-na-port process. Cornell researchers tested guns before and after from .38 special to 44 magnum, and from 2.0” to 8-3/8” barrel lengths. They concluded that Mag-na-porting does not decrease bullet velocity or increase muzzle blast, but at the same time does reduce recoil. Other studies (“On Target Magazine”) reported the same thing. In addition, the “On Target” article demonstrated that the sound levels were the same on ported and non-ported Glocks that they tested. They also noted that, at night, the light coming from the non-ported and ported muzzles (of the same model Glock) had the same intensity. 

In smaller handguns, especially S&W Titanium and Scandium J-Frame revolvers, 30 - 40% of the recoil disappears. Porting places these smaller guns in an entirely different light. How many times have you seen almost new, small J-Frames in Four Seasons’ used handgun section because the owner only shot them once and felt the recoil was too great? Mag-na-porting is the cure for this problem. It should be noted that individuals who shoot small revolvers, must always shoot the gun so that gases escaping through the port and barrel cylinder gap do come close to their body.

 The folks at Mag-na-port are real experts in porting and gunsmithing. Mag-na-porting is available for handguns, shotguns and rifles. They also perform custom gunsmithing services too numerous to list here. But theses services also include refinishing, action jobs, beautiful jewelling, polishing, and sight conversion. Make sure and request product information. There is a lot of it and it is well illustrated. 

I own the following Mag-na-ported handguns: a Glock 21 (45 ACP), a Ruger SP101 (.357 magnum), a Ruger GP100 (.357 magnum) and an S&W Model 60-14, a 5 shot J-Frame (.357 magnum).  

Below, in the Crimson Trace article, I mention firing the S&W Model 60-14 with Lasergrips. I did this shooting before I had the gun Mag-na-ported. I shot 5 rounds to sight in the Lasergrips and 5 more rounds double action, one handed at33’which grouped in one inch.  What I did not mention was the fact that after the 10th shot, the pain in my trigger finger was so severe that my eyes were starting to tear up.

 The S&W Model 60-14 weighs in at 24 ounces and I was shooting some hot loads through it. I got it back from Mag-na-port and shot the same loads at the range. No pain! It was like the difference between night and day - what a manageable gun! It was also the same recoil reduction for my favorite Ruger SP101. It is my feeling that the recoil reduction is more evident in my smaller handguns than in the larger ones, even though there is significant recoil reduction in the larger handguns.

 Mag-na-porting is a helpful cure for flinching. I see it again and again with students: the good grip, the proper stance, good sighting, and then the trigger pull goes down the drain as the student flinches, waiting for the recoil. 

Mag-na-porting will reduce the recoil muzzle flip and this will also mean that your second, or next, shot will be faster because of quicker sight acquisition. Does it mean that you can step up to a larger caliber and handle it better? It is worth the investment. It makes all shooting easier, and remember Mag-na-port are also specialists, with a large following, for porting rifles and shotguns for serious hunters and competitors. 

For more information, go online at www.magnaport.com.  

Mag-na-port International, Inc.
41302 Executive Drive

Harrison Township, MI 48045-1306

(586) 469-67627
Fax: (586) 469-0425

When you call you will probably talk with Doreen Timchuck. Ask her to send you price lists and other info. She’s a very nice person, and after you talk with her, you will have a confident feeling about the company. 

It is important for you to know how to ship your handgun. For example, you only need the slide and barrel of a semi-automatic. You can take the cylinder out for a revolver for shipment. By doing this you will get a big break on return UPS shipping costs. I have been using FedEx for my shipments to Mag-na-port and request 2 day shipping for $9.95. If you are a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, you can save 20% off the FedEx price. If you are a certified instructor, ask Doreen for the discount (I think it is 10%) and make sure and send her a copy of your credentials with your order. I advise people to always send a letter informing Mag-na-port exactly of the services needed. Also, include any special shipping instructions. Remember that Four Seasons is a Mag-na-port® dealer and can handle all gun shipments and billing for you.

 WARNING: This also applies to Crimson Trace Corporation below. Once you starting using Mag-na-port services, you are going to be “addicted,” so you better start putting a little more gun money away, the kids can get by with fewer back-to-school clothes. I am shipping out three more guns to them this week. 

Mary Poppins might have said it best, “Governor, a spoon full of porting makes the muzzle flip go down.”

Crimson Trace Turns Ten

 When Crimson Trace Corporation (CTC) entered the firearms scene
in July 1994, laser gun sights had a reputation as toys and gimmicks by
most firearms trainers and handgun aficionados. Ten years later, CTC’s
Lasergrips is an exceptional product designed for over 20 different models.
Fours Seasons is a CTC dealer.

 Crimson Trace Corporation Milestones:

 July 1994 - CTC sells its first laser. A factory installed Glock system.

 January 1996 SHOT Show - CTC shocks the world and introduces its
newly patented, user-installed “Lasergrips.”


June 1996 - Longboat Key, FL Police Department becomes the first agency
in the world to issue CTC Lasergrips department-wide.

September 2000 - CTC introduces first rubber overmold grips to the buying
public. Prior to this new material, CTC only offered a hard polymer Lasergrip.

March 2002 - CTC becomes standard issue for over 16,000 Singapore police

April 2002 - CTC partners with Beretta to offer the consumer, Beretta factory
installed Lasergrips.

December 2002 - CTC Lasergrips are approved for L.A. County Deputies.
The largest sheriff’s department in America authorizes its nearly 9,000
deputies to carry and use Crimson Trace Lasergrips.

August 2003 - CTC Lasergrips listed as “D.O.” or “Vital to national defense”,
by the U.S. government.

September 2003 - CTC become issued gear for Los Angeles International
Airport Police. (LAX)

October 2003 – CTC brings together some of the world’s top firearms experts
for the first Master Trainers summit on laser gun sights.

November 2003 - CTC becomes “Original Equipment Manufacturer, (OEM)
for Smith and Wesson Corporation on the very popular “J-Frame” model.

I own 6 sets of Lasergrips, 4 for S&W J-frames, 1 for a Ruger Mark II, and 1
for a Ruger SP101. I recently installed Lasergrips on an S&W J-frame Model
60-14, a 5 shot .357 magnum with a three inch barrel. It took about 5 rounds
to sight-in the Lasergrips. Then I shot double action, one-handed at 33 feet
using the red dot emanating form the Lasergrips. I placed 5 rounds of .357
magnum in a one-inch group.


Crimson Trace Corporation will sell any NRA Certified Instructor up to 3
Lasergrips at a special, deep-discounted price. Models are for 1911 .45 acp,
Beretta 92/96, Browning Hi-Power, Ruger Mark II, Ruger SP101, S&W
J-Frame, S&W K, L & M Frames, Sig Sauer 220, and Taurus Small Frame.
There is also a deep discount for “Shots In the Dark Video” (85 minutes).
A Crimson Trace Instructional Training guide is free. Trainers can also
purchase Blue Plastic Training pistols ready for Lasergrips installation.
Call Crimson Trace at 1-800-442-2406. E-mail at
(nratrainer@crimsontrace.com). Instructors must furnish CTC with a copy
of their NRA credentials. Make sure to have CTC send you the promotion
sheet with firearms models describing whether the Lasergrips are a boot grip
 or a rubber overmold.

 Crimson Trace will donate $20.00 to the NRA’s Firearms and Marksmanship
Training Endowment for each Lasergrips purchased through this program.

Crimson Trace Corporation
8089 SW Cirrus Drive
Beaverton, OR 97008
Fax: 503-627-0166


M-Pro™ 7 - A Revolution in Cleaning.

It’s Easy.  No Smell.  It works. 

Seldom does one discover a product that is truly revolutionary in any field. I just used Pantheon Chemical’s M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner. It is such an excellent product; it will leave other cleaners behind in the dust. It is less expensive than similar products. It is non-toxic. It is biodegradable. M-Pro 7 has no odor. The only known side effect, with continued use, is possible dry skin. It is safe to use on plastic, rubber, steel, aluminum, polypropylene, nickel and chrome. 

M-Pro 7 is made in the USA, originally developed to clean weapons on the F-16 for the United States Air Force. Wouldn’t you like to have been the company employee who said, “Gee, do you think we could sell this stuff to civilians?” 

From the M-Pro 7 web site: www.mp7.com

“M-Pro 7 Products are scientifically designed to clean weapons down to the pores, condition metal to repel additional fouling and provide a powerful lubricant, protectant and field cleaner for intermittent cleaning. Along with these guaranteed products is an information packed "Gun Cleaning Guide" that proves M-Pro 7 is committed to their customers and their gun care needs, offering pages of educational approaches to gun maintenance and shocking competitive comparisons.” 

Look at the potential “cleaning” market. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, in 1991, firearm sales for hunters alone topped the $1 billion mark. That does not account for all other firearm sales. The FBI estimates that there are over 250 million firearms in the USA with 5 million new guns being purchased every year. (My wife thinks I account for about 20% of all gun sales in Massachusetts.) Anyway you look at it; a lot of guns have to be cleaned. It makes you tired just thinking about it. 

When I was about 10 years old, my father encouraged me to be a part of the Shooting Sports. I joined the NRA and was soon shooting in competitions with my Winchester Model 75 .22LR rifle. Then, and for decades after, the distinct smell of Hoppe’s 9™ solvent was a part of my life. Not any more. Goodbye Hoppe’s 9™ solvent and goodbye Gun Scrubber™. 

I purchased Pantheon’s M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner (4 oz./$7.49) and MPro7 Ultimate Gun Lubrication (gun oil - 1oz/$3.95) about a week ago at Four Seasons. This past Monday, I cleaned 24 different handguns: 9 revolvers and 15 semi-automatic pistols in .22LR, .38 spl., .357 magnum, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 a.c.p. And not one complaint from my wife, since there was no odor. I used about 2/3 of the spray bottle, costing about 21 cents per gun to use the M-Pro 7 cleaner.

 I followed the directions in the M-Pro 7 literature. It’s simple. M-Pro 7 comes in a plastic bottle with a pump spray head. All you do is spray down the gun, including the bore. You can also plug up one end of the bore if you want. The instructions state to keep the cleaner away from the firing pin chamber, and if some of the cleaner gets in there, to make sure and place about 1/2 drop of MPro7 Ultimate Gun Lubrication the firing pin chamber hole. The oil is billed as, “4 times slicker than Teflon, displaces dirt and carbon –40 to 650 degrees Fahrenheit, non-toxic and biodegradable.” The instructions also give this caveat: “Note: Test before use because M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner can safely and instantly remove unprotected oil-based wood finishes, water based paint/finishes and some “cold bluing.” I had no problem at all with any unwanted “finish” removal.

 Make sure you pick up the 12-page brochure at Four Seasons, everything you will want to know about this product is there, including information about cleaning techniques and comparison with other products. This information is also available on the M-Pro 7 web site: www.mpro7.com.

 After you spray M-Pro 7, wait for the chemicals to work, from 1 - 5 minutes. I found 5 minutes was best for me. I developed the technique of cleaning four to five guns at a time, not wanting to waste 5 minutes on cleaning just one gun at a time. 

As stated before, there is NO chemical smell. M-Pro 7 made bore cleaning very easy. On revolvers, with the help of a brush, it removed the carbon staining on the cylinder face and the forcing cone. I did not use the M-Pro 7 surgical grade cotton patches, but I have some on order. The claim is made that they cut down on regular patch use by 80%. I will report on the patches later. Pantheon also makes M-Pro 7 in a gel for gun owners who find the spray too messy for small bores.

 I got residue out of previous cleaned guns. The M-Pro 7 brochure states that you will get some more dirt out of a previously cleaned gun, if not, send the unused bottle back for a full refund plus your shipping costs. M-Pro 7 can be used on handguns, rifles, shotguns, machineguns, black power guns, with stainless steel, blued or nickel surfaces. You can also use it for Ultrasonic or Dip applications. 

Pantheon Chemical copywriters have a sense of humor too. From their brochure Q & A:

(Q) “What if I just love the smell of those old cleaners?

(A)  In this case, take a bottle of your favorite smelly brand, open it up and set it next to you while cleaning with M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner. Please use adequate ventilation and safety precautions.”

 M-Pro™ 7, in my opinion, is a unique product that will change forever the way you clean your firearms. It is so easy to use, and the results are spectacular. There is no longer any excuse not to clean your firearms the same day they are used.

 Always remember these safety rules any time you clean firearms: 

1.         Make sure all firearms are unloaded before cleaning.

2.         No ammunition is allowed in the cleaning area.

3.         Any unloaded ammunition must be stored so that no unauthorized person has access to it.

4.         Always wear eye protection.

5.         Always wear protective gloves.

6.         After cleaning, store firearms so that there is no access to them from unauthorized persons.

Women & Guns Magazine

Women & Guns Magazine is an excellent read whether you are male or female. We are lucky to have two well-known Massachusetts members of the Shooting Sports write for Women & Guns. 

Lyn Bates is Vice President of AWARE (Arming Women Against Rape and Endangerment) (877) 672-9273. She is a competitive shooter, recipient of the National Tactical International’s Tactical Advocate Award, and is certified to teach numerous self-defense techniques. Lyn is the author of “Safety for Stalking Victims.” 

Attorney Karen MacNutt is a consulting attorney for the Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association and Gun Owners’ Action League. She maintains a general law practice in Boston, MA and is an active rifle and pistol competitor. 

Women & Guns is $18.00 for 6 issues and worth every penny of it. To subscribe, call (425) 454-7012 or go the web at http://www.womenshooters.com/ .

Second Amendment Sisters, Inc. is a women’s advocacy group dedicated to preserving the basic human right to self-defense, as recognized by the Second Amendment.


Fine-Tune Your Firearm Skills With Other Women. 

Many women have said that if they had a place to go where they could learn and practice with other women, they would do it. Well, The Massachusetts Chapter of Second Amendment Sisters heard you and feels the same way. We’ve started an SAS practice session once a month at the Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club, Braintree, MA ( www.brp.org for directions) in the small Clubhouse, just for YOU!

 Practice is held on the third Saturday of the month 3 to 5 p.m. 

You must either be a member of SAS or a guest of a SAS member. Or you can join instantly on the web at www.2asisters.org.  After you join on-line, call Lynne toll-free at 1-877-683-171, or email her ma_coord@2asisters.org to let her know. She will put you on the email list for the practices.    

You Don’t Have to Own a Firearm or Have Any Experience. 

If you don’t have your own firearm yet, we have a few loaner firearms available (.38 special revolvers and .22LR pistols). We welcome women at all levels of experience. The more varied the experience, the more interesting the practices will be. So, don’t be shy!  “Come on down!”    

There is no fee to attend, but we will from time to time ask for donations to cover the cost of ammunition for the loaner firearms. The Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club supply us with unlimited coffee and tea! 

A Special Note to Women who are NRA/State Police Certified Instructors: 

If you are an instructor, please volunteer to help out from time to time as a ‘coach’ at the practices. Our goal is to nurture and encourage as many women as possible to gain confidence, share their knowledge and ultimately become instructors themselves. Our vision is to have all women instructors at all our events! Will you help us get there?  Call Lynne at 1-877-683-1717 or email her at ma_coord@2asisters.org

Smith & Wesson Tour

Recently I had the pleasure of touring Smith & Wesson in Springfield, MA. Bob Draper and Bill Robinson split our group in half and away we went. I toured with the group being led by Bill Robinson. Billy has been an employee of S&W for thirty plus years and worked in many of the departments we toured. He is a storehouse of anecdotal information about people and products spanning over thirty years. The Tour is about 1.5 hours long and finishes in the S&W Performance Center, where it was a hands-on session with many Performance Center guns including the new S&W .50 caliber Model 500 (500 S&W Magnum). You will also get to meet Jim Dalton, Master Gunsmith, in the Performance Center. If you are interested in firearms manufacturing from the old days to robotics, some great stories, and wonderful tour guides who have a love of firearms this is the tour for you. To arrange a tour, which must be a group, contact Bob Draper at 800-331-0852 (Ext. 259) or 413-747-3259 (Direct Line), Fax 413-747-3498.

USPSA Northeast Section Clubs

For more information about Clubs in the Northeast Section of the United State Practical  Shooting Association, go to http://www.uspsa-ne.org/ . Or you can go to the main site of the USPSA at http://www.uspsa.org/ .



Bass River Rod and Gun Club

Yarmouth Port, MA  02675
Starting Time: 10:00AM Squadded
Bob White (508) 945-7898

Directions: Take Rt. 3 south over the Sagamore bridge onto Rt. 6 (mid Cape highway). Take Rt. 6 south to exit 8 in Yarmouth. At the bottom of the ramp turn left and follow to Rt. 6A. Turn right, club is 1/4 mile down Rt. 6A on the left. Watch for sign.  

Harvard Sportsman's Club

Harvard, MA  01451
 Starting Time: 9:30AM Squadded
Contacts: Ray Goguen (800) 252-9214 ext 318 (Days); Greg Newman

Directions: Take Rt. 495 to Rt. 2 West. Take the very next exit, Taylor St. At the top of the ramp turn left. Take the next left turn, Porter St. Follow this to the end, approximately 1/2 mile. Turn left and follow this road for approximately 1 1/2 mile. Watch for sign on left side of road indicating driveway to club.

Manville Sportsman's Club

High St., Manville, RI  02838
Starting Time: 9:30AM Squadded
Contact: Paul Taylor (401) 828-7132 (1-8pm weekdays, all day weekends)

Directions: Take Rt. 95 south to Rt. 295 south to Rt146 north. Take right at traffic light, towards Manville. Proceed approximately 1 mile to High St. on the right. Entrance is between the stone pillars, club is at the end of High St.

Pelham Practical Shooters

Simpson Mill Rd., Pelham, NH  03076
Starting Time: 10:00AM Squadded
Contacts: John Burger ; Nicole Pigeon

Directions: Take Rt. 93 north to exit 2 in NH. Follow signs to Rt. 38. Turn right at light onto Rt. 38. Follow Rt. 38 for approximately 4 1/2 mile. Turn right onto Hobbs Road. Take first right in approximately 200 yards onto Simpson Mill Road. Follow Simpson Mill Rd. past closed landfill on the right. Take the next right turn on to the club property. Follow this dirt road bearing to the right the whole way to the IPSC range.

Westfield Practical Shooters

Furrowtown Road, Westfield, MA   01085
Starting Time: 9:30AM Squadded
Contact: Judith Lafreneire (413) 786-5783

Directions: From Mass Pike, take exit 3 (Westfield); right onto Rte. 10/202 to first traffic light, then right onto Notre Dame; follow Notre dame, then right onto Montgomery Road; stay on Montgomery, then take left (at sign) to Furrowtown Road, just after Westfield High School.

© Albie Walton 2003, 2004

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