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New Handguns
This page was updated on 04/15/2017 12:54 PM

If we don't have it at the  Woburn store, you may be
able to get it through our online store.


Save time by filling out the federal form before you arrive. This can be done on the day of purchase ONLY.

Don’t forget your PIN. If you don’t have it, all 617-660-4722 today.

See our latest sale offer at



SIG 938M 9MM BRG with extremely comfortable rubber grip

This MA legal 938M comes with 2 magazines (a flat bottom and finger rest model), night sights and a holster.

Call 781-932-3133 for our excellent price.

We may have a 938 Scorpion or two left. 


The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 without laser  $229.95 cash, check or debit price!

We have .380 FMJ and protection ammo in stock

Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.

Smith & Wesson 9mm Range Kits
 are back in stock as of 4/15/1

Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.

 You get a full size M&P pistol, a U.S. made Blade-Tech holster, Blade-Tech dual mag holder, an Uplula magazine loader, ear plugs and a third magazine.

$509.95 credit $499.95 cash, check or debit.
Guaranteed to be the best price is MA!


The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm will even lower priced than the current $369.95/$359.95 BEFORE the $75 factory rebate

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Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.

$369.95 / $359.95 before the $75 rebate

Includes an 8 rd and a 7 rd magazine.

The  .45acp Ruger 1911 CMD 4.25" and the full-size 5" models are great sellers.


$719.95 credit  

call for availability


  • MA legal S&W Bodyguard .38 revolvers $449.95


In stock on 3/30/17


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The 23.4 ounce MA legal Ruger SR9 Compact 9mm compact pistol is MA legal.


Temporarily out of stock.

Take 2% off when you pay with cash, check or debit.

Large image of (SKU). Click to zoom.




 Looking for small, compact and lightweight "carry" gun?  Check out these Smith & Wesson "Airweight" revolvers when we have them in stock. Call to check.

Model 642

Call for our unbelievable, end of summer, warehouse inventory reduction price. 

Model 442

J-frame S&W's have been tough to get all year.

Model 637


Model 638


$599. With Crimson Trace laser. Take 2% off for payment by cash, check or debit.


Note from Carl: Our inventory changes very quickly these days. We try to update the site during the day but we may miss something. Please call the store to check stock at 781.932.3133 before making the long trip.

For maximum discounted pricing bring cash, your checkbook or a debit card.


A question that we get regularly: ARE SIG DAK PISTOLS LEGAL TO SELL IN MA? They are on the APPROVED ROSTER LIST.

No, they are not legal to sell in MA. We have 2 sets of rules that we must follow. The state LAWS (see Approved Roster List) and the state REGULATIONS. Under the state laws the DAK is legal. However, the state's consumer protection regulations require that a double action handgun have a trigger pull of at least 10 lbs. in double action mode. The DAK's trigger pull is 6.5 lbs.

P226RM Full Size
Available in 3 calibers. Please call for current availability. With night sights

Click on the image for larger view.



The 5" SIG 1911 .45 acp target model is MA legal in all black (Nitron) 


P220RM Full Size
.45acp. In stock with factory installed night sights!

With night sights
Click on the image for larger view.


P229RM Mid Size
Available in 3 calibers. Please call for current availability. Great prices!

Click on the image for larger view.

P232M Compact .380 acp.
This model has been discontinuted by the factory

 Why do we sell so many Sig's? 1) We buy in very large quantities and take advantage of any incentives that may be available. 2) If SIG has them available we stock every MA legal model. 3) Our knowledgeable staff knows SIG's inside and out. 4) Your loyal patronage at the shop which we greatly appreciate and never take for granted.


Stop by and check  out the S&W 1911 E Series 1911

SW1911 "E" Series

With the word 'enhanced' built into its very name, the new SW1911 "E" Series offers a fresh face in the world of SW1911 pistols. Machined to exacting tolerances, the SW1911 "E" Series features a precision fit trigger, chamfered and recessed muzzle, "fish scale" scalloped slide serrations and a host of premium features commonly found on custom-made firearms. Available with a traditional stainless steel or patented scandium - alloy frame, the SW1911 "E" Series is built to excel in any environment.

SW1911E "E" Series:
A1. White Dot Front Sight
A2. White Dot Rear Sight
A3. Chamfered and Recessed Muzzle
A4. "Fish Scale" Scalloped Slide Serrations
A5. Precision Fit Trigger
SW1911SC "E" Series:
B1. Front Tritium Night Sight
B2. Rear Tritium Night Sight
B3. Textured Rear Side of Slide
B4. Scandium Alloy Frame
B5. Ambidextrous Thumb Safety
B6. Round Butt Carry Frame

As many of you have heard me say in the shop...."Everyone should have at least one .45acp 1911 in their collection". We have 100's of the S&W 1911's on order. The supply is low and the demand is very high on them. We suggest that you place a formal special order.

** Unfortunately, once we submit your order we cannot give you a delivery date **


alther PPS
Will Walther Arms certify the new PPS M2 or any other models for sale in MA?
No Walther's have been certified for sale in MA since Smith & Wesson stopped distributing them.
We doubt that any will be certified but you can call them and ask at:

(479) 242-8500 (USA) Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Central Time


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If you don't like it we will refund you twice what you paid for it!



Do you own a snub nose revolver?

If so, check out Michael de Bethencourt's upcoming

Gun Fighting Secrets of the

Carry Snub course

Click HERE for details on this excellent class.




Read what our customers say about their SW1911's...


Hi Carl, I like the gun a lot. After stripping and cleaning it last night, I took it to the range today and shot 100 rounds each of Winchester white box and Federal HST +P (both 230 grain). The gun ran perfectly and shot, very accurately, to point of aim at 15 yards. I didn't have any problems at all; no jams, failures to feed, etc. And, for a relatively light 1911, the recoil for the +P loads wasn't that bad -- comparable to my .40 Sig 239. Thanks again.  -Rob N. ( 1911 4 1/4" with scandium frame)

Hello Carl,  I got a few minutes on Saturday to shoot my SW1911SC, and the results were phenomenal (for me, anyway).  The action is smooth and crisp, and though I had to offset the sight pattern to do it, I was able to shoot a 94 and a 96 on the timed fire NRA target, using the two-hand position.  Though light weight, the recoil didn�t seem any worse than my full size 1911s.  And the 4 � � barrel held its own with the longer ones, as far as I am concerned.  Fits perfectly in my vest, and is barely noticeable as extra weight.  Thanks for getting them. Robert M.

Below is another note from a customer who recently bought a 5" SW1911 in stainless steel:

Carl, I put about a hundred and fifty rounds through it and it fired without a hitch.  I loaded the magazines with everything I thought I had;  lead round nose, jacketed hollow points, semi wad-cutters, mil ball, and in no particular order. It didn't have one jam or one miss feed and it consistently cycled like a champ.
Now If I could only shoot as good as the pistol. Tied for third and got knocked out in the elimination round.  Definitely
a case of the gun shooting better than the shooter.  Thanks!  John P.



Mass. Compliant Seecamp .32acp in stainless steel.

This is a great pistol. Unfortunately, we are unable to get the specific ammunition that is required. As soon as we find the ammo we will stock the Seecamp .32



Visit Seecamp's excellent new web site at:

This is the smallest MA compliant pistol available.

Read about the new ammunition recommendation for the Seecamp .32

ATTN: 1911 FANS!!! Check out this great link submitted to us by Alex K.

Are you a Smith & Wesson enthusiast?
Check out the new Smith and Wesson discussion forum at: SMITH AND WESSON FORUMS


What does our longtime customer think of his new Auto Ordnance 1911?

Just wanted to let you know that I couldn't be more happy with the new AO 1911 that I picked up Thursday. Before firing it, I detail stripped it and smoothed up a lot things including the slide rails, ramp, barrel throat and all the bearing surfaces on the internal parts. I really smoothed up the underside of the slide and the breach face. These are places that are normally pretty good on a more expensive gun. (the reason for the low price of the AO in the first place) I lubed it and put it back together - took me about 4 hours and I enjoyed doing it.

Today, I just finished putting 300 rounds of various handloads through it without a single failure to feed and only one stovepipe when using light 200gr LSWC. I shot 230 grain lead RNs, 225 lead flat points, 200 LSWCs, and 185 grain Nosler HPs. Pressure levels varied from light target to full factory power levels. No plus P stuff. I don't load to that level as I don't feel a need for it. You can get a 230 grain lead bullet up to 900 fps without plus P pressure levels. All control functions were perfect: all kinds of mags worked and never failed to lock the slide back on empty.

I couldn't ask for better function. Accuracy was good enough for what I want. Some loads would shoot into 3" at 25 yards (bench rest seated) and all would stay under 5". Not bad with the tiny GI sights and my fading eyes. Regulation was very good and fixable. Gun shot 230s 2" high and 2" left at 25 yards. Lighter bullets hit lower which put them right on. I have drifted rear sight about .015 to the right and will resight soon.

Overall a very good deal for for the money. Better than I expected for a range gun to take the practice strain off my better S&W. 

Thanks , John

Model 627 5" .357 8 shot

 Click on the image for enlarged view.

Detailed specifications can be found here.

Call for availability

Not hitting the center of the target consistently? CLICK HERE.


Adding a surcharge for payment by credit card is illegal. However, offering a discount off of our everyday price for cash or check payments is perfectly legal. See the MGL HERE.



Smith & Wesson Model 500 and 460 are special order items. Call for pricing and availability


8 3/8"

The Walther / TALO RKE .380 acp

This TALO Special edition is sold out.

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Not only was Holly a member of our family but she used to be a huge part of our business as well. She was an excellent "greeter" at the shop.

We lost her on February 5, 2008 and we miss her a lot.

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In our opinion the 686 is one of the most versatile and well built revolvers that are available. From 2.5" to 8 3/8". If I could own only one handgun I would strongly consider a 4" 686 as being the one.

Also, absolutely no firearm leaves the shop without a Massachusetts approved trigger lock installed.

Transfer fees: Due to the tremendous amount of paperwork and time that it takes to process a firearm transfer our fees is $40.

For outgoing  out-of-state transfers: Please add shipping/insurance costs. Handguns must be shipped by air.

These prices apply to IN STOCK items only. Some quantities very limited

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