Pre-Owned Firearms
Our sales team updates this list directly from the store at checkout time each time a pre-owned firearm is sold.

While we make every effort to keep this list completely accurate, prices are subject to correction for typographical errors.

All used handguns are either compliant with current Massachusetts laws and AG's regulations, or are exempt (registered in-state prior to 10/21/98). All magazines with a capacity in excess of 10 rounds, as well as all firearms meeting the state "ban criteria" offered for sale by Four Seasons were manufactured before the 1994 ban date established by Massachusetts law.

If you see a gun you are interested in, call us before you head out to the shop - we'll put it on hold until you come in to take a look at it later on that day, with no obligation if you decide not to buy it.

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Last Updated: October 18, 18 07:10:44 PM
Guns marked RECENT have been added or had their information changed within the past 7 days. Guns marked as VERY RECENT have been added or updated within the past 2 days.

This display is limited to Glock

Brand  Model   Caliber   Serial No.   Price   Comments
Glock RECENT22.40S&WAYPxxxUS$449.95 FACT BOX, 1 MAG
Glock VERY RECENT22.40S&WCMLxxxUS$449.95 FACT BOX & 1 MAG
Glock RECENT27.40S&WBPKxxxUS$699.95 2 MAGS
Glock RECENT21.45AECxxxUS$799.95 FACT BOX, 2 MAGS, GEN 2
Glock RECENT21.45AZLxxxUS$799.95 FACT BOX, 2 MAGS, GEN 2
Glock2010mmBKUxxxUS$899.95 FACT BOX, 25RDS AMMO, 1 PREBAN MAG, GEN 2
Glock RECENT199mmMYxxxUS$699.95 1 PREBAN MAG, GEN 2
Glock VERY RECENT199mmTFxxxUS$699.95 1 MAG
Glock199mmBZHxxxUS$799.95 STIPPLED FRAME, 1 MAG, N/S, GEN 2
Glock RECENT199mmBCRxxxUS$899.95 FACT BOX, 2 MAGS, GEN 2
Glock RECENT199mmYXxxxUS$899.95 FACT BOX, 2 MAGS, GEN 2
Glock RECENT199mmXXxxxUS$899.95 FACT BOX, 2 MAGS, GEN 2
Glock269mmBPHxxxUS$699.95 LOOKS NEW!! W/FACT BOX, 2 HOLSTERS & 5 MAGS
Glock269mmBYYxxxUS$899.95 FACT BOX, 2 MAGS, GEN 2
Glock269mmCCFxxxUS$899.95 FACT BOX, 2 MAGS, GEN 2

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