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This Page Last Updated on Saturday, October 20, 2012 05:18 PM

You have come across a page that is no longer part of www.fsguns.com   We keep it for nostalgia. The offers and prices below are no longer valid.


Items of Interest at Four Seasons

Please call the shop if you have any questions about availability or price at 781-932-3133.


This special edition run is completed and no longer available. Stay tuned for new exclusive offerings from TALO and their distributors.

Visit our TALO page.

The TALO / John Wayne Centennial Ruger Vaquero

$995.00 credit card $975 cash or check

   This special edition is, by far, the most elaborate project that TALO has undertaken. After more than a year of planning and design, the gun has emerged as fitting tribute to an American hero.

Our idea was to try to show the relationship between the values that Wayne symbolizes and the efforts of Bill Rugerís proud factory and the artistry of an American farmer turned engraver.

   The red Ruger box features a special dome label and a commemorative John Wayne sleeve. A descriptive booklet is included with each gun.

An example of the booklet is on the site.  

The gun starts with a highly polished, specially serial numbered (JW001), 4 5/8 inch royal blue .45LC Vaquero. The engraving design is the work of Lee R. Griffiths, Hyde Park, UT. , see www.lgartistry.com The frame, cylinder and barrel are embellished with sophisticated American scrollwork. The loading gate, recoil shield and back strap are also enhanced.

The barrel displays the Wayne signature in 24 kt gold. Baron Technology faithfully reproduced Leeís design on the final product. Our grips are uniquely checkered walnut panels that display a carved JW in each side. The project is produced under a limited license from John Wayne Enterprises.

Click here to View the John Wayne Ad

Click here to View the John Wayne Brochure


Replace your old and scratched eye protection with a new pair.

Your scores may even improve since you'll have a clear view of the target!


Click the image above for an enlargement.

Click HERE to see more M-Pro7 products    


The 90-TWO and PX2000.

Unfortunately, we won't see any in MA until they are tested, certified, added onto the Approved Roster List and a letter of compliance sent to the MA AG's office.

June '07 Update: I spoke with someone at the factory in MD. They told me that they do not intend on getting these models certified because they "don't feel that the potential for sales in MA  justify the cost of certification".

I disagree. Let's say that the factory operating margin is 35%. (it might be more or less but S&W recently reported a 33.4% gross margin in their SEC statements so we'll use this number for illustrative purposes).

So....for every $1000 in sales to the distributor the factory's gross profit would be  $350 per unit. The estimated cost of certification is about $10,000 in MA (there is a 5 gun testing requirement here) but because CA has similar testing requirements calling for 3 units they would only have to submit 2 more thereby reducing the costs by almost 1/2.

We sold over 200 Beretta 92 9mm pistols  in 2007 and we are just one dealer. I don't think that it takes a Harvard B School or MIT Sloan School graduate to see that they are making a poor business decision on this one.

I believe that they would make back their cost of certification within the first hour of the first day that these became MA compliant. AND...it sets them up for years and years of what the sales and marketing guys like to refer to as "incremental sales" or  newfound sales over and above what they would have sold if they didn't certify in MA .

Bottom line: I think that the financial people should re-calculate and reconsider. Also, the marketing people should fire the genius who came up with the name "90-Two" and change it to give it its own identity rather than create confusion with the Model 92. Maybe thatís one reason why the gun isnít selling as well as they had hoped for.

 To see the official factory site on this model, go to:  http://www.beretta90two.com/



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SIGARMS Academy  
 If you are looking for a SIG, stop by the shop and check out our great selection and prices.


Visit our Business Link page where we

list our favorite places to shop and buy

products and services from.

We have customers that work at these businesses.


The Commonwealth has raised  fees for
license holders and dealers due to
the state's budget problems.

For more information click HERE


A photo received a photo from another Four Seasons customer who is currently in Afghanistan. Go to:


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High Quality Hollow Point Ammunition for close to the price of FMJ!

golddotbulk.jpg (68607 bytes)



"The 250 count boxes consist of ammunition originally sold to law enforcement  that was recalled for fears of misfires.  We had changed the primer assembly  some years back.  That was not a problem until some time later when it  was discovered that it was very difficult for the inspectors to actually tell if there was any priming compound.  While we had not experience any problems
in  testing, the critical nature of law enforcement lead us to recall the ammunition. Once the ammunition was here, subsequent testing was not able to reveal any  problems with misfires.  However, since it had been recalled, it was not felt it could simply be re-sold.  It was thereby repackaged into  the 250 count boxes, with labels indicating it should be non-law enforcement and practice and training ammunition.
 Overall, it is unlikely you will see any difference from the standard ammunition.  However, as stated, it was recalled for fears of misfires. As practice and training ammunition it was felt that if there were any misfire problems we were unable to discover, the application was not critical."


is our #1 line of ammunition.

Stop by and take a look at our great pistol ammo deals!

R2920 Gun Safe

   Sentry Safes

In stock now.  Go to SAFE page

No sales tax on gun safes

  Estate Cartridge
12 ga. GAME LOADS Shotgun Ammunition

$69.99 / case
2 3/4", 2 3/4  Dram Equivalent, Velocity:  Extra hard shot in #7 1/2 and #8.

The prices above are: Cost +10%. No, we can't sell this high quality ammo for less for multiple case orders. We need to make a small profit to pay for our modest overhead.

Your payment by cash or check is greatly appreciated.

What's involved in getting a Class A "All Lawful Purchase permit to carry in the City of Boston? A Four Season customer shares his experience.  Click HERE

New Batch of Yugoslav SKS 59/66

         Excellent condition. Call or stop by to see our latest shipment.

M5966RIGHT.jpg (6439 bytes)

Below is note received from a customer who purchased an SKS from us:
Carl, just wanted to drop an e mail about the Yugoslavian SKS I bought from you a while back. It took about 4 hours to clean, I heard people on the internet say 6, but I had the convenience of a parts washer in my garage. I had never done much complete disassembling of any of my rifles, but than again I never bought any that had decades old grease packed in every possible nook and cranny. It takes patience and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone that doesn't possess some sort of mechanical or tinkering skills, but for me it was well worth it. There's a sense of satisfaction and pride from doing it yourself. After cleaning and oiling everything I put it all back together and crossed my fingers. Lousy weather and Christmas shopping didn't allow me to get to the range until today. Using a 9" shoot and see target I got 9 out of ten shots on paper at 100 yards kneeling, and using the benches for stability I got 1 inch groupings, three shots being the highest. This was with no sight adjustments and my first time shooting it. I gotta say this rifle is incredibly accurate and shoots smoother than any 7.62 rifle I currently own. For the price and performance, I highly recommend this gun. Thanks. Ray G.

Model 637, click to see a larger image.


Model 637 2" 5-shot revolver. Only 15 ounces! Rated for +P rounds. Cylinder and barrel are made of stainless steel and the frame is made of lightweight alloy. A great carry piece and over $200 less than a titanium model. Click the image for a close-up.

Our special price: $419.95 cash or check price, $409 credit

Not receiving our weekly emailings? Then there is probably a filter on your computer or server that is prohibiting you from getting them.

Starting immediately we will post the latest emails on a separate web page.

Four Seasons and a few other dealers dedicate a lot of time and money to pro-firearm ownership causes.  We hope that you support only those firearms retailers in Massachusetts that are actively and constantly involved in supporting your rights to purchase and own firearms in this state as well as our ability to sell these products to you.  Before buying anywhere else, ask that dealer what is he actively doing specifically to fight the anti-gun movement.  We greatly appreciate your loyal patronage. Thank you.

ATTN: Rifle Target Shooters! 

Stainless/Walnut   Call us for SUPER LOW PRICING on

Springfield Armory "Loaded" rifles in .308

Bushmaster DCM. Top-of-the-Line competition model.  $1099 cash/ check. $1149 credit card

Thank you for making us the largest volume Smith and Wesson dealer in Massachusetts.

Because of your support we can maintain our strong buying power and keep our prices low.

Please call us or visit the shop if you are looking for a Smith & Wesson.


Yes, we have lots of Bushmaster competition target rifles in stock and...at extremely competitive prices.

A few comments from the management....

Please tell your friends about us and www.fsguns.com . Make sure that they sign up for our mailing list so that they receive special notices on sales, promotions and news. We no longer advertise in as many Yellow Pages as we used to. We now rely on the web site and referrals from our customers.

Because of our buying power and pricing policy we believe that we can sell our products at extremely competitive prices. We also offer a nice selection of other shooting sports related items along with the largest ammo department in the state. Most of all we strive to give you the best service in the business.

Some dealers are selling Pardini .22LR pistols. Selling these is now illegal because, even though they are exempt under the AG's "target" exemption they are NOT on the ROSTER LIST from the state and they are not on the "target" list either. As you all know by now, a handgun must be on BOTH THE LIST and approved under the AG's consumer protection regs.  The EOPS roster list does not have any target exemptions. We wish that they did.

Brand New Israeli Military M-15 Gas Mask with Blackhawk Omega Pouch.
In stock now! 
 Many enhanced features; these are designed for use by the Israeli Military. Fits all adults, large is the only size manufactured. Israeli masks and filters are fully NBC rated.  Sealed Butyl rubber drinking straw system comes with removable canteen adapter.  Mask has a voice emitting diaphragm for easily recognized speech.  Uses standard NATO filter – one included.  

Gas Mask Pouch
This Omega drop leg gas mask pouch can be worn on the leg or on the belt. Both the belt hanger and the leg strap are fully adjustable and removable. Also comes with a removable shoulder strap

$99.00 for the mask with carrying case.

This same mask is being sold by others for TWICE AS MUCH and without the Black Hawk carrier.

New item....Made in Massachusetts by a long time Four Seasons customer. (Patent Pending)

Stop by the shop and take a look at this unique brass catcher. Introductory price: $125

Contact the factory directly.

For more information visit the factory's web site.

Brass Catcher in Action




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